What means oX3zy?

The nickname "oX3zy" is derived from the mathematical concept of the geometric coordinate system in space. In this context, "o" represents the origin for the coordinates "x", "y", and "z", while the number "3" indicates the total number of coordinates. This combination symbolizes the three-dimensional space in which these coordinates operate.

about ox3zy
about ox3zy

About me

I love creativity, creating and experimenting. My main goal is and will be to bring at least the slightest benefit to humanity.

And as you all know, benefit can be brought in many ways. I do website development, drawing, video and sound editing, music (playing electric guitar), game streaming, writing articles about news in the game, film and technology industries. I also share my opinion about various events and products in my articles and video reviews.

Combining all my skills, love for creativity, creation and experimentation, I always strive to create something that can be useful.

Yes, most likely, I still have a lot to learn and constantly work on myself. But one thing will always remain the same - my commitment to the goal of making life better for humanity. Maybe I will do this myself, or maybe my actions will somehow lead to this in the future. No matter directly or indirectly, I am sure that I will be involved in this.

So far I have only had 2 projects:

Website for video game, movie and technology news and reviews.


A project that was also intended for news and reviews, but for the local. At the moment, activities are completely suspended.

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